Trophy Hunter Profidgie Lure

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Lead weighted head with a silicone tail. This lure is unique in its ability to catch large, fussy eating tuna and is equally successful on all pelagic species including marlin, mahi mahi, all species of tuna, wahoo and spanish mackerel. the lure is fished best between 6 and 10 knots, but has the advantage of swimming at speeds of 16 knots when the need arises to race to a school of feeding tuna. With our unique rigging method and hook rig, the hookup and catch rate of this lure is exceptional. 

Lure has an overall length of 26cm and comes as a lead head with an attached silicone tail. Available in colours Frigate, Frigate Glitter, Flying Fish, Lumo Glow, Mahi Mahi Glow, Sauri, Red Bait Glitter & Red Bait Real