Trophy Hunter Snapper Rod

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Trophy Hunter Snapper Rods have been meticulously designed by fishing icon Michael Bonnici. The lineup of rods are first class for those needing perfection in both casting and fish fighting performance. All models are truly a pleasure to use.

The 742L is ideal for finesse snapper fishing with lighter line

The 752M is an intermediate rod for both deep and shallow water

The 752H is ideal for shallow water, with plenty of backbone to stop large fish

FUJI: All chrome frame Fuji Silicon guides and Deluxe Fuji reel seats

Premium Models: Premium Models offer A grade cork grips and ultra light Fuji Titanium Torzite guides

Model Type Sections Length Line  Cast Weight
742L Spin 2 pcs 7'5" 10-17lb 1/8 - 3/4Oz
752M Spin 2 pcs 7'5" 10-20lb 1/6 - 1Oz
752H Spin 2 pcs 7'5" 15-25lb 1/6 - 1.5Oz
752H Premium Spin 2 pcs 7'5" 10-20lb 1/6 - 1Oz
752H Premium Spin 2 pcs 7'5" 15-25lb 1/6 - 1.5Oz


TROPHY HUNTER BREAK & REPLACE OFFER: if you break or badly damage your rod in any way that is not covered under standard rod warranty, you can send it in for a new replacement rod at a 50% discount.